2017 Big Draft Board


It’s back, and it’s better than ever!

With a little over a week remaining to the big night, our Draft team have updated their rankings for the final time. Matt Palf (MP), Craig Byrnes (CB),  Lenny Fogliani (LF) and Dan Batten (DB) have provided their individual top 50 to give you a comprehensive view on who’s who in this year’s Draft Class.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our annual Footy Prophet Live Mock Draft on Sunday 18th!

1Cameron RaynerCameron RaynerPaddy DowCameron RaynerCameron Rayner
2Paddy DowLuke Davies-UniackeCameron RaynerPaddy DowLuke Davies-Uniacke
3Luke Davies-UniackePaddy DowLuke Davies-UniackeDarcy FogartyPaddy Dow
4Jaidyn StephensonAdam CerraJaidyn StephensonJaidyn StephensonAdam Cerra
5Adam CerraAndrew BrayshawCharlie ConstableLuke Davies-UniackeJaidyn Stephenson
6Darcy FogartyJaidyn StephensonDarcy FogartyAdam CerraDarcy Fogarty
7Charlie ConstableAaron NaughtonNick CoffieldCharlie ConstableAndrew Brayshaw
8Andrew BrayshawDarcy FogartySam HayesAaron NaughtonJack Higgins
9Nick CoffieldJack HigginsAdam CerraNick CoffieldNick Coffield
10Aaron NaughtonJarrod BranderAiden BonarSam HayesCharlie Constable
11Jack HigginsHunter ClarkJack HigginsAiden BonarAaron Naughton
12Sam HayesNick CoffieldAndrew BrayshawJack HigginsAiden Bonar
13Aiden BonarCharlie ConstableAaron NaughtonAndrew BrayshawSam Hayes
14Jarrod BranderSam HayesNathan MurphyJarrod BranderHunter Clark
15Hunter ClarkPatrick NaishJarrod BranderHunter ClarkJarrod Brander
16Oscar AllenOscar AllenHunter ClarkEd RichardsOscar Allen
17Nathan MurphyLochie O’BrienHarrison PettyNathan MurphyLochie O'Brien
18Lochie O'BrienConnor BallendenCharlie BallardOscar AllenLachie Fogarty
19Ed RichardsAiden BonarOscar ClavarinoLochie O'BrienPatrick Naish
20Patrick NaishEd RichardsEd RichardsNoah BaltaNoah Balta
21Noah BaltaNoah BaltaZac BaileyPatrick NaishMatthew Ling
22Connor BallendenMatthew LingNoah BaltaJack PetruccelleNathan Murphy
23Zac BaileyTim KellyLochie O'BrienSam TaylorConnor Ballenden
24Oscar ClavarinoNathan MurphyRyley StoddartZac BaileyJoel Garner
25Tim KellyZac BaileyTim KellyOscar ClavarinoEd Richards
26Matthew LingJack PetruccelleConnor BallendenBrayden AinsworthDylan Moore
27Jack PetruccelleBrayden AinsworthOscar AllenRyley StoddartCharlie Spargo
28Ryley StoddartJames WorpelLachlan FogartyTim KellyZac Bailey
29Sam TaylorJoel GarnerPatrick NaishGryan MiersOscar Clavarino
30Joel GarnerJordan HoulahanEthan FloydConnor BallendenTim Kelly
31Brayden AinsworthBrent DanielsJack PetruccelleCharlie SpargoJames Worpel
32Lachlan FogartyOscar ClavarinoCharlie SpargoLachlan FogartyRyley Stoddart
33James WorpelSam TaylorMatthew LingMatthew LingJack Petruccelle
34Charlie SpargoTom McCartinSam TaylorHarrison PettyGryan Miers
35Harrison PettyRyley StoddartWill WalkerLiam RyanHarrison Petty
36Jordan HoulahanAndrew McPhersonJames WorpelJoel GarnerSam Taylor
37Ethan FloydKyron HaydenGryan MiersEthan FloydJackson Ross
38Gryan MiersCallum Coleman-JonesJordan HoulahanDylan MooreJordan Houlahan
39Dylan MooreTrent MynottJoel GarnerJames WorpelNathan Kreuger
40Will WalkerNicholas ShipleyDylan MooreWill WalkerLiam Ryan
41Liam RyanBrayden CrossleyBrayden AinsworthJordan HoulahanBrayden Ainsworth
42Nathan KreugerBen MillerNathan KreugerBen PatonCallum Coleman-Jones
43Callum Coleman-JonesNathan KreugerJackson RossBrent DanielsBen Paton
44Jackson RossToby WoollerJake PatmoreToby WoollerWill Walker
45Ben PatonEthan FloydCallum Coleman-JonesHayden McLeanTrent Mynott
46Toby WoollerLiam RyanDavid HandleyJackson RossHayden McLean
47Charlie BallardBrandon StarcevichBen PatonBrandon StarcevichEthan Floyd
48Brent DanielsJake PatmoreChangkuoth JiathHugh DixonBrandon Starcevich
49Jake PatmoreWill WalkerToby WoollerJake PatmoreMatt Day
50Brandon StarcevichCharlie SpargoJoel AmarteyKyron HaydenBailey Fritsch


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