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Class of 2016: AFL Bloodlines

They’re the sons, brothers, nephews and cousins of past and present AFL players that collectively make up AFL Bloodlines. Today, we profile some notable names who are draft-eligible in 2016.


Jake Waterman
Height: 189cm, Weight: 84kg, DOB: 6/5/1998
Recruited From: Claremont Tigers
Position: Medium Forward/Midfielder

A really smart, strong forward with a fierce tackling mentality and an appetite to always be first to the ball, Jake Waterman is the second son of Dual West Coast Premiership player Chris, and younger brother to listed Eagle, Alec, however Jake certainly looks the pick of the two brothers. With the ability to get up the ground and use his powerful frame at the contest, Waterman starred up forward for WA in last year’s National Championships, kicking the most goals for the Sandgroppers. Waterman’s standout trait is his marking game – he hits the ball at full speed, marks strongly overhead, and also loves to reach for the ball out in front. Whilst not a key position player, he is an elite mark for his height and demands the ball with his smart leading patterns. Waterman still needs to work on his conversion as he can really spray his shots for goal at times. It will be interesting to see whether he can find another gear in his game and take a step towards playing through the midfield in his final junior year.

Callum Brown
Height: 172cm, Weight: 62kg, DOB: 27/4/1998
Recruited From: Eastern Ranges
Position: Small Forward/Midfielder

A famous name at Collingwood, Callum Brown is the son of former Premiership Magpie and captain, Gavin Brown. Callum however, is a different player to his dad. The small, bottom-age speedster started off as the 23rd man last year with a 10-tackle debut that ensured he’d earned a spot the following week. It wasn’t long before Brown had cemented his spot in the Ranges starting 18, and a 17-disposal, three goal effort saw him named one of the Ranges’ best in the TAC Cup preliminary final. Like his dad, he’s hard at it, fiesty, and plays with his heart on his sleeve. A bit of a barometer type, whose always busy in the forward 50, and not a bad mark overhead for his size either.

Ben Jarman
Height: 175cm, Weight: 70kg, DOB: 5/5/1998
Recruited From: North Adelaide
Position: Midfielder

The son of dual Adelaide Premiership star Darren Jarman, Ben becomes Adelaide’s first eligible father/son in the clubs’ history. Although Ben also qualifies for Hawthorn under the father/son rule too, with Darren having played a touch over 100 games, which included a flag.  Jarman has been playing football for North Adelaide, having won a MVP nomination in the Colts competition after a 28 disposal, 12-clearance effort against the Eagles last year. Jarman’s disposal efficiency can be iffy at times, and he still has to improve on aspects of his game, but the midfielder bagged 20 goals from 16 matches last year, and on 12 occasions was named in Norths’ best. Jarman finds the footy with ease and has a great footy IQ.

Joshua Daicos
Height: Weight: DOB:
Recruited From: Oakleigh Chargers
Position: Medium Forward

It’ll be Magpie mayhem should the son of one of Collingwood’s most loved and decorated players be seen good enough to follow in the footsteps of his father, Peter. Josh Daicos reportedly opted to by-pass TAC Cup Footy last year in favour to concentrate on his School and Local team, with the added bonus of enjoying contact hours at Collingwood as part of the father/son Academy – appropriately named after his dad. However this year he returns to TAC Cup footy after training throughout the preseason with the Chargers. The classy forward possesses an elite kick off both sides, sure hands and a dead-eye for goal just like his father. Whilst his frame is light, he’s got the same nous and spatial awareness of his dad in the training sessions I’ve gotten along to. The sharp-shooter was named in the YJFC Team of the Year in 2015 on the forward flank, and is credited with lifting his AGS school side, Camberwell Grammar to victory single handily a number of times last year.

Jesse Maxfield
Height: 179cm, Weight: 70kg, DOB: 28/8/1998
Recruited From: Sandringham Dragons
Position: Small Midfielder/Forward

As the son of former Sydney captain and 200-gamer, Stuart Maxfield, the Swans get first dibs on Jesse Maxfield – a creative, smart and bold forward, who has been trailed through the midfield and down back. Maxfield averaged a touch under 12 disposals in his bottom-age year for the Dragons from six games, which isn’t a bad development season. He’ll be looking to improve on that and have greater impact this year, but will miss a fair chunk of TAC Cup footy with School Football commitments.

Michael Romero
Height: 175cm, Weight: 70kg, DOB: 9/10/1998
Recruited From: Calder Cannons
Position: Small Forward

The son of Bulldogs great Jose, Michael Romero qualifies as a father/son this year, but still has a long way to go before being drafted. Whilst Romero has qualities like his father, the small forward is erratic, with a big gap separating his best and worst. Still developing as a footballer, Romero is quick, fleet-footed and can hit the scoreboard, but can overuse the ball and be a bit selfish at times. Romero showed glimpses of his prestige pedigree last year, averaging 12 disposals, while also showing some great defensive pressure at times for the Cannons. He’ll need to lift his output this year, and would be hoping for a call up into the Vic Metro side.

Zane Sumich
Height: 184cm, Weight: 76kg, DOB: 31/8/1998
Recruited From: South Fremantle
Position: Medium Utility

The son of dual Premiership player and seven-time club leading goal-kicker Peter, Zane  hasn’t been overly sighted and there isn’t really much to go off from 2015. However by all reports, Zane is a developing medium-sized utility who has been trialed in various positions throughout his development. He’ll be tracked fairly closely by Eagles fans this year in the hope of making the cut for the WA team that heads to the Championships mid-year.

Billy Lambert 
Height: , Weight: , DOB:
Recruited From:

The son of 200-gamer Craig Lambert, Billy will have an interesting decision to make if he’s good enough, given he is part of the GWS Academy yet also qualifies as a Father/Son for both Brisbane and Richmond – the former of which his father has become the Club Welfare manager for. There’s limited information to go off with Lambert, who didn’t make the cut as a bottom-age player in last year’s NSW/ACT team at the Championships. Nonetheless, he’s a name to watch as the season progresses.

Matthew Neagle
Height: 175cm, Weight: 76kg, DOB: 19/2/1998
Recruited From: Murray Bushrangers
Position: Small Defender

The son of the late Merv Neagle, Matthew is eligible to the Bombers as a father/son prospect this year, however like a lot of bottom-age prospects there is limited exposure to go off. Neagle had a consistent year in 2015 playing for Wodonga in the Ovens Murray league in the senior side. He got a taste of TAC Cup footy, but is set to feature more prominently in his top-age year.


Jonty Scharenberg
Height: 185cm, Weight: 78kg, DOB: 28/8/1988
Recruited from: Glenelg Tigers
Position: Midfielder

The younger, yet equally talented younger brother of Collingwood’s Matthew. Jonty is a different player to that of his brother. The smooth-moving midfielder boasts a skill set that’ll make you weak at the knees, offering up a rare balance and finesse off both sides of his body – a trait his game is built around. Scharenberg is fierce in the air, cracks in hard to win his own ball, and is no stranger to floating forward where he can become a dangerous goal-kicker.

Joseph Atley
Height: 184cm, Weight: 80kg, DOB: 1/8/1998
Recruited From: Bendigo Pioneers
Position: Midfielder

The younger brother of North Melbournes’ Shaun, Joey Athley is set for a huge 2016 if he can pick up where 2015 left off. A contested, clearance machine with a appetite to throw his body at the ball and tackle anybody with the footy, Atley was unlucky not to get through to the final Vic Country side as a bottom-ager in 2015. A consistent performer who dug deep week in, week out despite a bleak season for the Pioneers, Atley is an accumulator and strong mark overhead who’ll be one to watch in 2016.

Hamish Brayshaw
Height: 183cm, Weight: 85kg, DOB: 9/2/1998
Recruited From: Sandringham Dragons
Position: Medium Midfielder

Almost a spitting image of his older brother, the recently-turned 18 year old already strikes an imposing figure with his filled-out frame. Hamish is the younger brother of Melbournes’ Angus and plays in a similar mould to that of his brother. Brayshaw is an inside-leaning midfielder, who wins the contested footy and stands out at the clearances. His one and only TAC Cup game delivered 13 disposals and a goal, to go with three tackles and three marks against eventual Premiers Oakleigh.

Jamie Hampton
Height: 186cm, Weight: 76kg, DOB: 16/10/1998
Recruited From: West Adelaide Bloods
Position: Midfielder/Utility

A strong-bodied midfielder who was a standout for Northern Territory at the Championships last year as a bottom-ager, Hampton is also the younger player of Adelaide’s Curtly. Although a different player, Hampton is a match-winner, a game-breaker a player that fans would genuinely go to the football to watch. Hampton has some breathtaking moments, he’s got a sweet goose-step that sucks in his opponents, he can pivot, weave, and jump through would-be tacklers, in fact he almost looks like he’s dancing when he cuts through opposition players. Calm and compose – Hampton makes good decisions with the ball and is lightening fast, but almost has zero defensive game. He’ll need to improve that drastically this year; he needs to work hard both ways which is the biggest knock on his game at the moment.

Jordan Viojo-Rainbow
Height: 179cm, Weight: 68kg, DOB: 28/8/1998
Recruited From: Western Jets
Position: Small Utility

Not a whole heap to go off as I personally didn’t catch any of Jordan Viojo-Rainbow’s games in 2015, but regardless – the surname will catch draft-watchers’ eyes as he is the younger player of Carlton’s Dillon. Jordan’s exposed form isn’t much to go off, having only averaged seven disposals in three games last year.

Ben McGuinness
Height: 189cm, Weight: 75kg, DOB: 21/5/1998
Recruited From: Lauderdale Bombers
Position: Defender

The leading prospect for the Apple Isle, Ben Maginness is a wiry, rangy, floating defender that has a great athletic profile which clubs love. His brother Josh is listed with the Lions, and Ben impressed at Brisbane during his stint as part of the AFL Academy placement. Didn’t have a huge impact at the Championships last year, but certainly looked comfortable at TAC Cup level in the times he represented Tasmania. McGuinness displayed his versatility during that time, playing a variety of roles and excelling at most. With a good leap, pace and a tackling game that is a focal point, McGuinness’ TSL form saw him feature on eight occasions of the 13 games he played.

Dylan Clarke
Height: 185cm, Weight: 82kg, DOB:
Recruited From: Eastern Ranges
Position: Midfielder/Defender

The younger brother of recently draft Ryan Clarke (North Melbourne), Dylan is a similar mould to that of his brother – a big bodied inside midfielder with a thirst for the big stage. The powerful on-baller was considered to be the Ranges’ Best on Ground in the Preliminary Final against the Stingrays last year. Clarke wins a good amount of the football, uses it efficiently, and rarely makes a poor decision. Clarke has also made a name for himself as a ball-winning defender, playeing a vital role on Ben Crocker in last years’ Grand Final, and having the better of the Oakleigh forward that afternoon – winning the one-on-one battles and finding the footy, too. Lots to like about this kid.


Patrick Kerr
Height: 190cm, Weight: 85kg, DOB:
Recruited From: Oakleigh Chargers
Position: Key Forward

The Grandson of Carlton Hall of Famer Lawrie Kerr, Patrick is a developing key forward who showed in glimpses last year what he was capable of. He kicked 12 goals in six games for the Chargers, including a haul of four against the Falcons, and bags of three against the Rebels and Power. A strong mark, and a good lead-up type, Kerr marks the ball strongly inside 50, and has good leading patterns, moving into dangerous, high-percentage ranges. The spearhead will likely be Vic Metro’s No.1 target at this years National Championships. His father Peter played 49 games for the Blues, which means Patrick doesn’t qualify as father/son – a shame, this kid is a jet.

Kye Beveridge
Height: 176cm, Weight: 62kg, DOB: 28/8/1998
Recruited From: Sandringham Dragons
Position: Small Utility

The son of Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge, Kye doesn’t fall under any club as a father/son, as his journeyman father played his 118 games at three clubs. Regardless, the small utility is fierce and loves to make his presence felt. Beveridge only played three games last year, but in that time suggested that he’s got some desirable traits. He’s got some zip, and can play wherever required.

Beau Moorcroft
Height: NA,Weight: NA, DOB: NA
Recruited From: Northern Knights
Position: Small defender

His dad’s famous hanger at Etihad Stadium is one thing, but Gary Moorcroft retired from the Bombers just two games shy of his son Beau being father/son eligible to the Bombers. Nonetheless, Beau is a chip off the old block, with the same body-shape, iconic leap, and clean hands his dad had. Moorcroft junior however, has a bit of zip and isn’t afraid to fight for the footy, having done well representing the Knights’ U16 team, and playing senior football alongside his dad with Bundoora last year in the NFL. He’ll be looking to cement his spot in the Knights’ TAC Cup side in 2016.

Lachlan Pascoe
Height: 189cm, Weight: 94kgs, DOB: 2/6/1999
Recruited From: Norwood
Position: Defender/Midfielder

The son of Norwood 119-gamer, Andrew Pascoe who also had a stint at Collingwood without senior debut – Lachlan is a developing rapidly as a defender, weighing in at 94kgs to start the year. The unrelenting backman-come-onballer can play tall or small, reads the flight of the ball well in the air, and is competitive when the ball hits the deck. As an inside midfielder with a great athletic profile, Pascoe has shown he can win the contested footy, stand up at the clearances and use his frame to bash-and-crash his way through congestion. The talented right-footer has been known to collect a fair bit of the footy in Under 16 sides, and will step up to U18 level this year. He’s not eligible for the 2016 draft, but he’s a name that will come with mention this year.

Kym Lebois
Height: 174cm, Weight: 65kg, DOB: 22/5/1998
Recruited From: North Adelaide
Position: Midfielder

Hold onto your hats, because Kym Lebois will be a spoken-about prospect among draft circles this year. The Indigenous prodigy is an excitement machine, with terrific pedigree; his uncles are Aaron and Alwyn Davey, and none other than the great Gavin Wanganeen. Lebois has won just about everything achievable in his local leagues as a junior, and will look to reap the benefits inside a professional system as part of the SANFL team at this years National Championships. Lebois has some AFL traits; he’ll be the quickest at the AFL Combine if he gets enough interest to attend, and he’s a proven goal kicker. We don’t know too much about him at this stage, but we bet that’ll change by years end.

Know of anyone else eligible in 2016? Let us know and we’ll do our best to track them this year.





  1. Dave

    May 13, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Lachlan Richardson, son of Alan, another Collingwood f-s.

  2. Rexy Viney

    February 11, 2016 at 6:22 am

    ***chris waterman

  3. Josh Elliott

    Josh Elliott

    February 10, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Another Brayshaw that North misses out on? Why is life so cruel?

    • Paige Cardona

      Paige Cardona

      February 11, 2016 at 10:12 am

      Indeed! But Hamish hasn’t had an impact in his bottom-age year that Gus did. There’s also a third Brayshaw on the way, too!

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