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Start or Sit – Round 7

Welcome to another edition of Start or Sit. Results have been on the improve, with value identification both positive and negative, getting many UF coaches the win over the past week. Let’s get stuck straight in.

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Jackson Thurlow

I’m willing to trust that Thurlow’s luck will change in his third game of the season. The 24-year-old is starting to string some games together, and with the changes at the Cats this week expect him to move up onto a wing. He will post 75+ against GWS.

Adam Tomlinson

Tomlinson has been a bit of a “start or sit” favourite in 2018, thanks to his more advanced role. Corr and Davis will take Hawkins and Ratugolea, meaning Tomlinson will be freed up once again. Playing a role in the ruck should see him collect plenty of the ball, particularly as a backup to Lachie Keeffe.

Rory Atkins

He’s now a defensive option. Start him.


Matt Scharenberg

Scharenberg has posted a couple of big games this season, especially last week’s 90+ against the Tigers. The reason behind sitting him simply stems from the fact that Collingwood should easily account for Brisbane, and the ball won’t spend much time down where Scharenberg plays.

Riley Bonner

Bonner’s scores have been decreasing as the season has gone on, and Jasper Pittard’s return means a more defensive role may be on the cards for the young rebounder. I’d sit him this week and watch his role.

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Karl Amon

A 48-point average over his first three games is hardly appealing, but a slight positional shift this week intrigues me. With Wingard out and Ryder in, Dixon now plays as a permanent forward. Neade and Johnson will be important in filling in the Wingard role, which should see Amon shift higher up the ground. He has shown great fantasy potential in the past.

David Myers

Myers is genuinely the only inside, big bodied player the Bombers have, meaning he’ll be heavily relied upon in contested situations. He has scores of 91 and 76 in his past two games and will continue post some solid numbers.

Scott Selwood

You always start Scott Selwood when he plays, although there are constant concerns over his tagging role. He may go to Shiel or Coniglio, given how damaging they can be, but he’ll still post a big score regardless. Go big on Friday night.


Jacob Hopper

Not overly keen on starting Hopper again this week with no recognised ruckman and another forward-oriented style of play. He isn’t a natural forward, and his fantasy scores seem to reflect this.

Jordan Lewis

Again, Lewis isn’t a worthy starter anymore. Until he can prove otherwise, he is an outside player who doesn’t get much of the ball for the Demons. The veteran should be treated as a backup player.

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Zac Smith

Smith doesn’t face a recognised ruckman this week, which is the perfect way to return to the senior set up. He posts some breathtaking fantasy scores at times, particularly when the matchup is favourable. Smith will be facing any combination of Lachie Keeffe, Adam Tomlinson and Jon Patton. Appealing.


Dawson Simpson

He’s not playing. Don’t assume he is.

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Kieren Jack

Jack was much better last week with Hannebery out of the team. He seemed to get some more midfield time, which made him seem a lot more involved in the game. Hannebery’s out again this week, so hopefully this pattern of scoring for Jack continues.

Eddie Betts

Sure, small forwards are usually poor scorers in Ultimate Footy. Betts is just coming back from injury as well, making this a risky tactic. A match against his former team at Adelaide Oval is such a powerful motivator, however, that is should help him overcome these preconceived notions.

Callum Ah Chee

I look at Ah Chee as an option this week as he should be playing as a high half-forward, with some time on a wing. A bit like Wayne Milera for Adelaide last week, Ah Chee’s use of the ball makes him a preferred distributor for the Suns. It’s his first game of the season, which will have him fired up.


Steven Motlop

Motlop’s form since moving across to Port Adelaide has been poor, despite not even being the main mid-forward. Now that Wingard’s out, there’ll be a lot more pressure on Motlop to perform well. Over the past couple of seasons, he hasn’t been able to perform particularly well when required.

Mason Wood

Wood is in for the Kangaroos on the back of a six-goal haul in the VFL. He has always been highly rated with bucket loads of potential, but he is now 24 year old and has only played 26 games. Don’t get sucked into the hype, a match against Sydney is far from ideal in his return


That’s it for Start or Sit this week, as always, leave comments on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions or differing views.

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