Strength of schedule

One of the fundamental statistics when setting your fantasy lineup is each team’s strength of schedule. This refers to how tough, or easy, any given team is to score against in fantasy. A team that concedes a high number of possessions, marks and goals to its opponents will generally be a soft matchup in fantasy football, while a team that dominates those statistics will generally be a tough matchup, given they dominate time in possession.

This data set will help you make those line-ball decisions when setting your fantasy lineup each week.

Note: The table below provides a ranking for how difficult a team is to score against, and is broken out into position as well. The numbers indicate the team’s rank for the amount of points they give up. 1 indicates they allow the most points and are easiest to score against, and 18 indicates they allow the least points and are the hardest to score against.

Last updated 25 August 2016 for Round 23 of the 2016 AFL Premiership Season.

TeamPts AgPts Ag Backs last 4Pts Ag Mids last 4Pts Ag Rucks last 4Pts Ag Fwds last 4
Gold Coast341232
St Kilda51171111
Western Bulldogs6211116
West Coast882417
Port Adelaide915899
North Melbourne171741515
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