2016 Trade Market Rankings


This year, the FP team have assessed the market value of every player currently on, or rumoured to be on, the trade table and ranked them accordingly. At the top of the list, the most valuable available player per our individual assessments. This list will be updated in real time; as trades occur, players will be removed and, likewise, when a new player requests a trade or a rumour surfaces, that player will be added.

Our rankings and player values are calculated using a number of measurable attributes based upon Champion Data’s overall and positional player rankings and ratings, as well as taking into account the player’s age and standing within their own club. Injuries and time spent in second-tier competitions such as the VFL and SANFL are also taken into consideration.

Points are then allocated to reflect the values of the points system introduced by the AFL into the National Draft in 2015.

Each player available has a tailored Market Value profile – click on the names in the table below.

1Dustin MartinRichmond525Contracted2x 1stTop 10
2Todd GoldsteinNorth Melbourne528ContractedEarly 1st4-8
3Bryce GibbsCarlton4.527ContractedMid 1st11-15
4Steven MotlopGeelong425ContractedLate 1st15-20
5Hamish HartlettPort Adelaide426ContractedLate 1st17-23
6Tom RockliffBrisbane426ContractedEarly 2nd22-27
7Michael BarlowFremantle428UncontractedMid 2nd22-27
8Matthew LobbePort Adelaide3.527ContractedLate 2nd32-37
9Mitch HoneychurchWest Bulldogs321ContractedLate 2nd31-36
10Luke BrownAdelaide324ContractedLate 2nd32-37
11Hayden CrozierFremantle322ContractedLate 2nd32-37
12Cam Ellis-YolmenAdelaide323ContractedLate 2nd33-38
13Mitch GriggAdelaide323UncontractedEarly 3rd34-39
14Josh GreenBrisbane324ContractedEarly 3rd34-39
15George Horlin-SmithGeelong325ContractedEarly 3rd36-41
16Ben LennonRichmond321UncontractedEarly 3rd37-42
17Jonathon MarshCollingwood2.520ContractedMid 3rd40-44
18Richard DouglasAdelaide2.529ContractedMid 3rd40-45
19Ricky HendersonAdelaide2.528Unrestricted FAMid 3rd44-49
20Dean TowersSydney2.526UncontractedMid 3rd45-49
21Brendon Ah CheePort Adelaide222UncontractedMid 3rd45-49
22Kane LambertRichmond2.524UncontractedMid 3rd45-50
23Hayden BallantyneFremantle2.529ContractedMid 3rd45-50
24Jack GrimesMelbourne2.527Delisted FAMid 3rd45-50
25Xavier RichardsSydney2.523UncontractedLate 3rd47-51
26David MacKayAdelaide2.528ContractedLate 3rd48-53
27Nick SubanFremantle2.526ContractedLate 3rd48-53
28Jake BatchelorRichmond224UncontractedLate 3rd50-55
29Andrew MooreRichmond225UncontractedLate 3rd50-55
30Eric MackenzieWest Coast228ContractedEarly 4th55-60

Off The Market

The following players are no longer on the market. They have either re-signed with their club or have been traded, as shown by their ‘status’.

4/10/16Jesse HoganMelbourneRe-Signed5212x 1stTop 10
5/10/16Ivan MaricRichmondRe-signed230Early 4th60-65
7/10/16Lin JongWest BulldogsRe-signed3.523Mid 2nd27-32
7/10/16Ty VickeryRichmondFA Transfer Confirmed3.526Late 2nd30-35
11/10/16Daniel WellsNth MelbourneFA Transfer Confirmed331Early 3rd37-42
11/10/16Cam McCarthyGWS GiantsTraded3.521Late 2nd32-36
12/10/16Tom MitchellSydney SwansTraded423Late 1st17-23
12/10/16Chris MayneFremantleFA Transfer Confirmed3.527Late 2nd30-35
13/10/16Brad HillHawthornTraded3.523Mid 2nd25-30
14/10/16Jack SteeleGWS GiantsTraded3.520Mid 2nd25-30
14/10/16Sam MitchellHawthornTraded534Late 2nd34-38
16/10/16Nathan BrownCollingwoodFA Transfer Confirmed327Early 3rd35-40
17/10/16Paul AhernGWSTraded2.523Late 3rd47-51
18/10/16Pearce HanleyBrisbaneTraded427Mid 2nd25-30
18/10/16Jordan LewisHawthornTraded430Late 1st14-18
18/10/16Joel HamlingBulldogsTraded323Early 3rd38-42
19/10/16Michael HibberdEssendonTraded426Early 2nd19-24
19/10/16Dion PrestiaGold CoastTraded4.524Early 1st7-11
19/10/16Reece ConcaRichmondRe-Signed2.524Mid 3rd45-50
19/10/16Toby NankervisSydneyTraded2.522Mid 3rd47-53
19/10/16Zach TuohyCarltonTraded3.526Late 2nd30-35
19/10/16Billie SmedtsGeelongTraded2.524Mid 3rd45-50
20/10/16Jaeger O’MearaGold CoastTraded4.522Early 1st6-10
20/10/16Brett DeledioRichmondTraded4.529Late 1st15-18
20/10/16Josh CaddyGeelongTraded424Early 2nd18-22
20/10/16Caleb MarchbankGWS GiantsTraded419Early 2nd21-25
20/10/16Jarryd LyonsAdelaideTraded3.524Early 2nd22-27
20/10/16Koby StevensBulldogsTraded325Mid 2nd25-30
20/10/16Jarrod PickettGWSTraded2.520Mid 2nd27-31
20/10/16Shane KerstenGeelongTraded3.523Mid 2nd28-33
20/10/16Nathan HrovatWest BulldogsTraded322Late 2nd31-36
20/10/16Marley WilliamsCollingwoodTraded323Late 2nd32-37
20/10/16Jack FrostCollingwoodTraded324Late 2nd34-39
20/10/16Jarrod WittsCollingwoodTraded324Late 2nd35-40
20/10/16Will Hoskin-ElliottGWS GiantsTraded323Early 3rd35-40
20/10/16Travis ClokeCollingwoodTraded329Early 3rd37-42
20/10/16Nathan VardyGeelongTraded2.525Mid 3rd40-45
20/10/16Aaron BlackNth MelbourneTraded2.525Mid 3rd40-45
20/10/16Lynden DunnMelbourneTraded2.529Mid 3rd44-49
20/10/16James StewartGWSTraded222Late 3rd52-56

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